Whole Person Dementia Assessment

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This groundbreaking book shows how to start making a difference during the initial evaluation and beyond. Treating every assessment as more than a simple diagnostic process, Whole Person Dementia Assessment sets the stage for more constructive interventions, better care, and a higher quality of life throughout the disease process by providing a richer understanding of the person and the way the disease is affecting him or her.

Blending traditional clinical evaluation procedures with more person-centered approaches, Whole Person Dementia Assessment shows how to assess a person's cognitive deficits while also discovering and emphasizing remaining strengths and abilities. Best-practice assessment tools are recommended and provided, including a comprehensive, whole-person interview form.

Backed by solid research findings, Dr. Benjamin T. Mast demonstrates that geriatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and long-term care providers who incorporate methods such as personal interviews, life review, and validation into their assessment processes, will substantially improve their ability to
  • develop rapport with the person and family members
  • collect more in-depth and valid assessment results
  • identify cognitive and behavioral strengths and weaknesses
  • recommend interventions

    With Whole Person Dementia Assessment, professionals who care about the well-being of their patients and residents can now provide more productive consultations that will result in better outcomes. Take advantage of this new opportunity to help lighten the burden of a devastating disease.

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