The Connections Activity Program for People with Dementia

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Help people with dementia stay energized and connected to their lifelong interests using this strength-based approach to activity planning!

Developed for both professional and family caregivers, the Connections Activity Program is a strength-based intervention that includes tools and step-by-step instructions for matching a person's level of cognitive function and current abilities with activities tailored to past interests. It helps reduce caregiver stress by explaining how to break down and structure activities so a person can engage in them as independently as possible. The Connections Activity Program shows how, with proper support, people with dementia care enjoy meaningful engagement and improved emotional well-being.

Learn to use the Connections tools to
  • Gather information about a person's past and present interests and hobbies
  • Understand a person's current level of cognitive function
  • Identify remaining strengths and abilities
  • Individualize activities to promote maximum involvement
  • Use verbal and visual cues to support the person's ability to self-initiate and engage
  • Adapt activities to each level of cognitive function

    This resource includes detailed case examples that illustrate how the Connections approach works as well as sample intervention guides that walk through how to implement specific activities and adapt them for people with early-, middle-, and late-stage dementia.

  • Conversation Starters
  • Leisure Interest Survey
  • Cognitive Function Checklist
  • Information Summary

    Table of Contents

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