How To Be Student Textbook, 7th Edition

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Celebrating 30 years of renowned nurse assistant training, the 7th edition of How To Be a Nurse Assistant, Training Solutions for Quality Care continues a tradition of excellence with a unique, patient-centered approach that produces the best-trained CNAs available in the field. The latest revisions include:

  • All the regulations and requirements needed to pass the certification exam
  • New illustrations
  • Streamlined content in easily digestible chapters
  • Easy-to-follow step-by-step procedures
  • Glossary of medical terms and Spanish/English dictionary
    Used by training programs all over the country, How To Be a Nurse Assistanthas over 500 full color photos and illustrations that clearly demonstrate and teach the work of a CNA, fully preparing students for CNA certification. It is comprehensive yet easy to read.

    Written and developed by registered nurses with over 25 years of experience, How To Be a Nurse Assistant helps the instructor bring out the best in every student.

    Topics covered:

  • Long term, sub-acute, and post-acute care
  • Applications of OBRA
  • Step-by-step procedures and critical finishing steps.
  • Prevention and control of infection
  • Enhancing the quality of life of your patients
  • Communicating and interacting effectively with patients and co-workers
  • Preparing for the certification exam, including end of chapter quizzes
  • How to enjoy a successful career as a certified nurse assistant
    Specific methods and procedures for giving the best quality care are given in detail, including positioning and moving a patient, assisting with nutrition, maintaining and improving skin integrity, dealing with emergencies, pain management, and end of life care. Review the Procedure List for specific details.

    Review the complete Table of Contents to see what's in each chapter. We've condensed and trimmed the content down to12 easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn chapters that fully prepare students to pass their certification exams and begin work in their new careers.

    * You will find answers to the end of chapter quizzes on the instructor website at HTBinstructor.comInstructor Website has lots of tools and resources to help the instructor teach a successful training course.

    To fully prepare your students for their certification exams, get the printed Student Workbook. It has a variety of activities and exercises that help students review the material in each chapter of the textbook. The workbook also includes two practice exams. The Answer Key for the Student Workbook . is also on the instructor website.

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